Five years ago, Clara threw on the skintight fetish tights and created the iconic look of COBRAH and ever since it has defined her musical career. The Swedish artist was born in Gothenburg but eventually moved to the country’s capitol of Stockholm which not only inspired her look but also ignited her creativity as an artist. In 2019, COBRAH released her debut EP called ICON which featured her lead single called ‘U KNOW ME’ and her breakout hit called ‘IDFKA’. Her music soon started to pick up traction and COBRAH received placement for her music in EA’s FIFA 22 game and even a nomination of Music Video of the Year in the Swedish Grammis.

COBRAH’s newest song is called ‘SUCK’ and it marks her first release on Big Beat Records. The artist has always had a fascination with using suction cups in her music and through this new track, she was able to put her creativity and overall musical talent on display. When speaking on her new song, she mentioned the following:

“I’ve been carrying the idea of using suction cups foreverrrr so to finally give birth to this world I’ve created is amazing! (also the song makes me feel really sexy which is hot)”

This year has certainly been a huge year for COBRAH with sold out shows all throughout her first ever US live run tour. Take a listen to her new song ‘SUCK’ below now on Big Beat Records.