St. Mary

One of electronic music’s hottest rising talents ST. MARY just teamed up with GRAIL for their first release of the new year titled ‘RELIGION’ on Lowly.

Soft piano keys paint a serene soundscape as the record begins. Beautifully distorted vocal synth work acts as a call to action as RELIGION progresses. The buildup is filled with euphoric and anthemic elements as the record plays on. RELIGION surely defines ST. MARY and GRAIL’s place within the electronic music scene with their global sound and exquisite production.

Read more about what ST. MARY had to say about creating ‘RELIGION,’ “Our aim with the record’ was to implement a euphoric element to the high-energy festival music that we both love playing live. We wanted to bring a harder edge to it by introducing a hardwave twist to the overall sonic palette of this track. The more it progresses, the more melodically-driven it becomes. Leading up to the final drop, all the tension gets released into a fully evolved hardwave section, making it my favorite part of the song.”