‘Breathing’, a Beautiful Trance Veterans Collaboration

This Progressive Trance tune is one of the most crowded collaborations of recent years — in an amazing way, of course.

Have you been following the Trance scene for a while? Then, at least one of these names should sound familiar to you: Nitrous Oxide, Boom Jinx, Einar K, Vintage & Morelli. How’d you react if I told you these guys came together for a collaboration? Quite unbelievable innit? But it’s true: ‘Breathing‘, their conjoint effort, is out via Enhanced Progressive on all platforms.

All of them are Trance veterans, all of them have releases on Anjunabeats, and all of them have been around for a handful of years. Hardcore fans are cheering because it had been a while since Boom Jinx last released a song. And what a way to come back!

Already supported on radio shows like Above & Beyond‘s Group Therapy, ‘Breathing’ has attracted producers and fans alike due to, again, the mere quality and talent of the artists behind it. And delivered they have, yielding a piece of modern Trance history.


A simple melody slowly evolves into a whole arrangement, including LFO-modulated leads, a starring piano, and, of course, a pluck turned into an open saw lead just in time for the drop. As per true Progressive Trance, the drop features distinct elements from every single producer involved in this mega collaboration, with airy basslines, a powerful snare, tasty percussion, and the classic melodic finish that lurks Trance devoted people into giving this song a very well deserved listen.

Think no more! Give Nitrous Oxide, Boom Jinx, Einar K, and Vintage & Morelli’s ‘Breathing’ a play by clicking below if you wish to listen to it on Spotify, or if you’re feeling more like it, come here for YouTube, or here to support the song any other way you like.