Shouse Release ‘Live Without Love’ With David Guetta

Australian-New Zealand duo Shouse join forces with powerhouse David Guetta to release new single ‘Live Without Love‘. Out today via Hell Beach/Onelove Recordings.

Jack Madin and Ed Service rose to fame with their single ‘Love Tonight’ and ‘Never Let You Go’ with Jason Derulo. The new single ‘Live Without Love’ was born from an idea created on the plane after saying goodbye to their loved ones before tour. Guetta envisioned this song to be a future rave classic. The French mastro collaborating with the duo shows a bright future for them. This track has the makes for being a popular one this summer. The melodic vocals along with the groovy synth will become a festival anthem. The catchy beats with the lyrics are already stuck in my head.

Shouse are internationally known for their live house sets. These sets are filled with analog synthesizers, sequencers and drum machines mixed with bizarre instruments. The tracks they are releasing definitely shows them connecting with their fans.

Expect this single to climb up the charts quickly and we hope 2023 is a great year for the duo.