Cercle Introduces New Show Concept ‘ONE WAY’

It’s been a while since Cercle has introduced a new concept. Well worry not but they are introducing a new party concept called ONE WAY. This is where the identity of the DJ remains a surprise.

Cercle took to social media to let fans know they have a new concept. One where you don’t know who is playing until you know.

The first edition of ONE WAY will be held on May 11th, Nexus near Paris. There will be 20 evenings with this unique concept. No information revealed on who is behind the decks. Each scheduled date there will be an artist that will be placed in darkness playing, allowing them to see the audience, yet not the other way around. It will only be at the end of the performance that the identity of the DJ will be revealed.

Cercle is ready to connect with its fans. Cercle wants their fans to be there in the present with no phones being allowed. This no-photo concept will force fans to be present, be true to themselves and enjoying the evening.

Pre-register here at this link. Ticketing opens May 2nd.