Diplo Says Coachella Has Run Out of Great Headliners To Book

Diplo Coachella

Your hot take of the day comes from Diplo himself. The multi-faceted producer stated Coachella is “Having a Hard Time Booking Headliners.” Diplo has become unimpressed with the headliners lately. Frank Ocean helped this argument after his “show” and pulling out of Weekend 2.

The other main headliners for the weekend were BLACKPINK and Bad Bunny. This marked the first year a Latin or Korean artist has headlined the festival’s history. The full Diplo quote is below:

“I think [Coachella] honestly might be having a hard time booking headliners. We kind of left the era of great superhero acts, like the Red Hot Chili Peppers or Daft Punk. Now they book acts like Bad Bunny and BLACKPINK, who are cool, but they’re just the most Top 40 there is. It’s almost like they’re stadium acts.”

I am pretty sure both Red Hot Chili Peppers and Daft Punk did stadium tours but that is a separate argument. He isn’t totally far off from his statement and I think it is because we have expanded away from bands. We now have singular acts that don’t have that same energy you might say. Coachella has sadly become more of an influencer gathering than a music festival. While great in concept, influencers now run the show.

What do you think?