An Architect’s Groove: A Designer Journey of an Architect x Music Producer.

Electronic music has gained a lot of popularity in the last decade as new sounds and artists emerge. One such artist is talented producer Kautuk Parkar. Kautuk has cemented his place in Australia‘s and the global EDM music scene, with his music attracting massive attention across streaming platforms. But what most don’t know about Kautuk is that he is also an architect.

Born and raised in India, Kautuk holds a degree and Masters in architecture and construction. He first went to Australia to pursue a path in construction; however, he was still looking into what he could do for his music. He shares his incredible journey with us.

About Kautuk’s life

Kautuk always loved music, more specifically EDM. He is a huge fan of the Swedish House Mafia. According to Kautuk, SHM is part of what inspired him to start his music writing and recording journey. He came across the group’s song ‘Don’t You Worry Child‘ as a teenager, and he was constantly listening to the track and their other music, which led him to start looking into EDM and even writing his own music. 

Just like SHM was always there for me through their music, I wanted to be there for someone else, and I thought music was the best way to do this. I wanted to create music that influences people to feel and reflect on their emotions“, Kautuk says.

His beginnings

Kautuk started experimenting with music production software to create music as a bedroom music producer before moving to Australia to pursue his Master’s. He also enrolled in a music school. But getting his big break in the industry wasn’t easy.

Kautuk says one of the biggest challenges was selling his music and brand without a proper music background. He performed several free gigs for ‘exposure’ because he hadn’t made a name for himself. 

Even so, Kautuk didn’t give up on his passion. Undeterred, he continued investing in his brand and growing his network, which is how he got his first paid gig. 

When Kautuk first came to Australia, like many students, he took on a part-time job. He was working in the hospitality sector, which led him to meet one of his close friends, a fellow student who was working as an Uber driver. They became good friends, and Kautuk introduced him to his music which he would play on his rides. 

The spark

On one such occasion, the passenger, who happened to be a well-known music producer in the Gold Coast, heard Kautuk’s single, ‘What’s Wrong‘, and wanted to see more of Kautuk’s work. He was mesmerized with Kautuk’s sound and style and even offered him an opportunity to curtain raise in one of his shows, which was to be Kautuk’s first gig in Australia. Unfortunately, COVID started and everything came to a pause.

Kautuk began to produce music, growing his brand, and as the world opened up, he was now getting paid gigs. Kautuk has performed at multiple clubs and events in Australia and beyond. He has played at several renowned college festivals in India and opened for some big artists. His music has also garnered thousands of streams on Spotify.

Following your passion is not easy. There are different obstacles, some of which make it seem like it is impossible. But you should never give up“, Kautuk says. Through his story, he reminds us that you can achieve your goals with hard work and determination. It is also okay to have more than one passion.