MY BAD Releases the Much-Awaited Thrilling EP, All In

Raised in the mountainous state of Colorado, MY BAD has exploded to become one of the sensational artists and producers in the country. Music has been part of his life since his teens, and he already loved the bass music scene. He had grown a solid love for dubstep, and it was no surprise he never missed attending raves. MY BAD soon started learning the ropes and became a producer and a DJ just a year later.

Today, MY BAD considers himself fortunate enough to have held DJ residencies in Denver, San Diego, and Los Angeles. He also takes pride in his top releases on esteemed labels such as Create, Tribal Trap, and Subsidia.

The All In EP

He recently announced the release of his upcoming EP, All In. A strong vocal presence on the tracks that he hoped would make them more memorable and relatable for listeners. A new bass-heavy EP, All In, features heavy basslines with melodic vocals, making MY BAD stand out from the crowded industry. “All In” includes notable thrilling singles ‘Calling Out‘, and ‘Visions‘, featuring Sam Mailloux, who absolutely crushed the vocals on these tracks.

Listen to the EP by clicking below!

More About His Vision

A one-of-a-kind producer, MY BAD seeks to get more people to appreciate EDM through this latest project. He also wants to showcase the power of blending genres together, especially for artists seeking to stand out as EDM producers or artists, especially with how many there are today. “It’s been hard trying to find myself so that I can represent a brand that other people can latch onto and follow me as I release music I love“, MY BAD explains.

MY BAD also sees the successful EP as an inspiration to the many young artists struggling to pave their way into music. He acknowledges the many struggles that artists face but also remains steadfast that everyone has the potential to realize their success. He shares a real-life experience during his musical career, especially when he took a step back last year and dove into his roots on why he decided to do this in the first place, which is how this name and EP came to be. “I realized that I hold so much music back trying to perfect it, and it’s better off being out and into the world. I grew up listening to primary dubstep and bass music and wanted to showcase my spin on the OG sound that I loved with a touch of 2023 style“, he explains.

Final Words

MY BAD has a strong career ahead of him and is determined to continue climbing the music charts ladder. Notably, ‘Crazy For Falling’ with ARIUS, surpassed 3 million streams on Spotify and collectively has over 500,000 plays on the music video on Youtube. Additionally, the self-released Delusions EP gained over 1.5 million streams on Spotify throughout the first couple of months of release and was listed on multiple editorial playlists.

Though the music industry continues to be one dynamic sector with numerous trends, My BAD wants to stay dedicated to the EDM sphere. He believes that sound holds much-unrivaled potential with a budding trend worldwide. He also intends to release more classic music collaborating and working with artists from various countries. The objective is to fully explore and maximize his talent to become a household name in the music scene. MY BAD envisions having numerous musical tours, releasing more music, and playing festivals he previously attended as a fan. “I hope that my music can reach the masses globally as well“, he adds.