ITS HAB: Sharing His Truth Through Music

ITS HAB is an artist who speaks his truth through his music. Hailing from Broward County, Florida, ITS HAB started writing music during the pandemic in Orlando and has since signed a deal and collaborated with several talented producers, including Loaditupcarl, Divini, Equinox, and MightyMadeTheBeat. He has a new song with Rylo Rodriguez set to release soon, and he plans on dropping a tape shortly after that.

In his music, ITS HAB shares his personal experiences and stories, hoping to connect with those who can relate. He talks about his life and the things he is going through, hoping to provide a sense of comfort and understanding to his audience. ITS HAB’s music is authentic, raw, and emotional, reflecting his personal struggles and triumphs.

ITS HAB’s greatest achievement as a musician is signing his deal, but he is far from done. He continues to work hard and produce quality music that speaks to his audience. Despite his success, ITS HAB stays humble and grounded, hustling every day to achieve his goals.

ITS HAB draws inspiration from a range of artists, including Bob Marley, Kodak Black, Rod Wave, and Lana Del Ray. He admires Rod Wave greatly and hopes to collaborate with him in the future. ITS HAB’s music is a reflection of his unique perspective and experiences, providing a glimpse into his world.

Final Thoughts

Overall, ITS HAB is an artist who is not afraid to be vulnerable and share his truth through his music. He is driven, passionate, and determined to make his mark in the music industry. With new music on the horizon, ITS HAB is set to become a major force in the industry, and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us. Keep up to date with ITS HAB on Instagram and check out his Spotify for all releases!