Winter Music Conference Skipping 2023

Established in 1985 by Louis Possenti and Bill Kelly, The WMC has been by far the most significant music conference that has been able to put; artists, Djs, record labels, producers, promoters, radio, the media, and approximately 100.000 people together every year for the last 35 years in Miami. In addition, the WMC is considered a worldwide event; 40% of attendees come from outside the United States, and it competes with the International Music Summit in Ibiza every May. 

When the COVID lockdowns cancelled Ultra, it also cancelled WMC. However, it still has not returned. On its 35th anniversary, WMC is taking a break but promises to return to Miami in March 2024 with astute programming for music industry professionals and consumers. Do not worry! Ultra Music Festival and more than 1000 events around the city will keep showing us new music and keep up with all the latest artists and releases.

“If you want to know about our industry from the people that make it happen then go to WMC. It’s an accelerated masterclass in all things dance music “ Carl Cox Dj/ Intec Records