HI-LO Releases Hybrid Techno Pounder ‘TORNADO’ on New Record Label HILOMATIK

The Dutch producer kicked off his newest record label with a two-track EP which contains the single.

HI-LO is a name which, by now, should sound quite familiar. Oliver Heldens‘ darker side has been around for a handful of years, putting out tracks such as ‘Wappy Flirt‘, ‘Kronos‘, and ‘Saw of Olympus‘ alongside Reinier Zonneveld. His sound is one of those which pushes the boundaries of EDM genres, leaning, of course, towards Techno, yet always sneaking in some of his core Oliver Heldens elements, for example, the groove, the fast-paced percussive lines, the house stabs, and the jumpy basslines in some cases.

TORNADO‘ is live evidence of said genre hybridisation. It’s a rather fast, 130 BPM belter which, kind of like a witch cauldron, blends many ingredients together: warehouse kicks, stabs, and signature Oliver Heldens claps, snares, and hats. The song comes as the B-side to his single ‘PURA VIDA‘, and together form the first EP on HI-LO’s new imprint HILOMATIK, self-referred to as a “Modern Techno label”. We’ll see how the label’s sound builds its own path over the following months, although it wouldn’t come as a surprise if it were to create a new trend or style of Techno, given the bravery of who’s behind it.

Listen to ‘TORNADO’ below for a Spotify play. Alternatively, click here for a Youtube play, or here to support the song any other way you’d like to.