Cristoph Returns with New Album – Facet, Vol 1.1

Cristoph fans, rejoice! The progressive house titan has returned with two signature releases, his first of the year. Facet, Vol 1.1 contains two dancefloor scorchers that have been, at times, part of Cristoph’s sets over the years. ‘Tha Music’ & ‘You’ are proper bangers that contains the familiar vocal chops with the trademark Cristoph sound.

‘Tha Music’ features a groovy bassline with a catchy vocal snip donning into a colorful progression. A few pad sequences grace the background heading to a break with an additional solo vocal thrown in just before the release. The track then proceeds into an amalgamation of all the elements with additional chord progressions before the conclusion.

‘You’ starts off powerfully with snares and hi-hats thrown in right from the first minute. A drone pad merges into an eventual vocal chop that dominates. A couple of progressive keypad sequences repeats their way throughout the depth of the piece. The track leads into multiple voice dissects at the break, each of them standing out individually. The eventual climax glares into the traditional Cristoph stamp of progressive house baked into a fusion.

Both the tracks are out on Cristoph’s own COS Recordings. Go, pay a listen if you want to get a proper progressive house schooling.