Skrillex Drops Third Song of 2023, ‘Leave Me Like This’

DJ and producer Skrillex has released his third song of the year, featuring rapper, singer and producer Bobby Raps, and we’re only a few weeks in!

After teasing the track on his Instagram five days ago, Sonny Moore, aka Skrillex, dropped the head-bopper, ‘Leave Me Like This,’ today. It comes after the announcement of his highly-anticipated singles, ‘Rumble‘ and ‘Way Back,’ both of which were released to the public last week.

The song is high-energy and sure to be a hit at festivals this year but, of course, still features the type of dirty drop Skrillex fans know and love around the one-minute mark. Even better, true Skrillex fans will recognize the “Oh my god!” vocals around 2:17 from his 2010 hit ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.’

With three singles released and a sold-out London pop-up performance, Skrillex is clearly enjoying keeping fans on their toes after taking a break to take care of his mental health in 2022.

Both previous ‘Rumble’ and ‘Way Back’ have received excellent reception from notable music sources like Billboard and Pitchfork, and made Uproxx’s best new music of the week roundups, so this new track is sure to see similar reactions.

Listen to all of Skrillex’s new music on Spotify.