Skrillex Announces New Music Coming in 2023

The wait is over. Skrillex is ready to release its next masterpiece onto the world. Yesterday, Dubstep’s last decade’s most influential producer dropped a video confirming he’s got a whole lot of music coming in 2023. After years of waiting, the man who turned dubstep into the sound it is today has finally returned. The announcement sent the industry into a spiral filled with excitement, euphoria, and impatience. And who can blame us? This man’s been gone for way too long.

Words cannot describe just how big of an impact Skrillex has had in the dance music industry. The American producer/musician/songwriter and all-around creative genius is one of the stepping stones of the last decade’s movement, which is, in terms of statistics, the biggest period in the history of dance music. There’s only a handful of artists who managed to become an after and a before inside their genre. Skrillex is one of the, if not the best example of this case.

Single-handedly, Skrillex re-defined the whole sound of dubstep. What we listen to today has mutateed from the old schoool dubstep into something completely now. Without Skrillex, this wouldn’t have happened this way, or this fast.

Then, it all stopped. Skrillex went into a hiatus, and we’ve spent a few years wondering if that was the end of it. As fast as he arrived, he disappeared. Over the next years, we got a few teases here and there, but nothing seemed to be enough.

Skrillex Announces New Music & Shows Up For Surprise B2B Set To Begin 2023

On New Years Eve, Skrillex showed up at a Brownies & Lemonade event for surprise B2B of which you can watch a small snippet below:

Then, on a short, less than one minute long video Skrillex teased what sounds like a whole lot of new music. You could almost say an album’s worth of tracks? While it’s still too early to confirm anything, it is impossible to avoid the excitement. DJs, fans, producers. We’ve all been waiting for this moment.