Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso Release New EP Under Duo’s Alias Buy Now

Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso just released a new EP under their alias Buy Now. The pair revived the alias back in September, with an anticipated ID called ‘Let You Do This‘ alongside good friend Salvatore Ganacci. Even though it seemed the end of music releases for Buy Now in 2022, it appears that it was not the case after all. As a matter of fact, Angello and Ingrosso put out their new two-track EP titled Church today (December 30).

Two days ago, Instagram stories popped up on these two members of the Swedish House Mafia trio. The stories seemed like a track teaser and a date that read two days later. Obviously, when fans discovered that both Axwell and SHM’s accounts did not post the same stories, many assumed that the songs were from Buy Now.

The EP consists of two songs: ‘Church‘ and ‘Speak Up‘. Both of them are the fruit of a collaboration with PARISI, a duo that’s earned co-production credits on ‘Turn On The Lights again..‘ The two tracks were created at Church studios in London, hence the name of the EP. With Church, Buy Now experiments with new sounds that drift away from the usual EDM song. It’s always nice to see big names like these in the industry try different things with their music. Surely, we can all agree that we can hope for more in the future.

You can listen to Buy Now’s new EP below, or on any streaming platform where it’s available.

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