Lucii Releases Emotional Single ‘Narcissist’

The space bass queen Lucii will be dropping an out-of-this-world single ‘Narcissist’ tomorrow via Create Music.

The LGBTQ+ representative and artist has shared her unique dubstep style with her added pop touch since 2018. Lucii has worked with many known artists, such as DirtySnatcha, Point.Blank, and Champagne Drip. In 2020 Lucii released her first EP, Wicked, through Liquid Strangers, WAAKAN being the first female artist to get signed to the label. Fans love her for her honesty, authentic style, meaningful lyrics, and impact as a queer female in the industry.

Lucii has strongly anticipated this single by sharing clips and multiple posts on her platforms which leaves her fans anxiously waiting for the drop this Friday, the 20th. Lucii being a bedroom producer who writes her lyrics and makes her beats at home her music often comes from an emotional and genuine place. In a recent interview the artist states;

I wrote this song after a therapy session I had with my therapist Andrea – who I quote in the song. She told me the person I was describing to her sounded like a narcissist, and I never had heard that word used to describe someone before. I wanted to listen to a song about it and I found some amazing ones – just none that sounded angry. Every song was very sad so I decided to make one that was a little angstier.  In my eyes, narcissists are very much manipulators, but at the same time they can really make you fall in love with them!”-Lucii

While we can only imagine the actual depth of her emotions, we will be lucky enough to see her through her music and continue to support her journey as an artist and a person.