Anyma Announces ‘Eternity’ for Next Release & Shares New Video

Anyma is definitely a name to look out for in 2023, the Tale of Us member just announced that his track ‘Eternity’ will be up next for his next release. In addition, he posted a Youtube show video clip of the track, watch below.

The video comes straight from After Life London in the legendary Printworks last November. During the show Anyma revealed his new visual show ‘GENESYS’ and played many IDs, including ‘Eternity’ that we can expect for the upcoming release.

Lots of shows, digital art, apparel, and new music coming very soon. First up, ‘Eternity’…


What do you think about Anyma’s upcoming release and the promising year ahead ? Here’s what Anyma himself thinks of this new amazing adventure.

Building the Anyma project this year has truly been a life-changing moment for me. I want to say thank you to everyone who streamed the music, attended the events, and supported in any way.