[Interview] Vini Vici Talks Favorite 2022 Moments, Upcoming NYC Show, and More

New Year’s Eve week is quickly approaching, along with a slew of shows to close out the 2022 year! We got the chance to talk with psytrance superstars Vini Vici as they look forward to their New York City show at HK Hall with Pulse Events. You can join the psytrance duo on December 30th for an electrifying start to New Year’s Eve week. The tribe behind the mega-hit ‘Great Spirit’ is taking over HK Hall with their signature mesmerizing sound that has transcended the psychedelic trance scene. See the full interview below, and be sure to grab your tickets for Vini Vici at HK Hall in New York City on December 30th here!

1. How does it feel to wrap up the year playing HK Hall in NYC for New Year’s Eve week?

NY is one of the best cities in the world. We are really happy to return to the city, especially during the holiday season. Can’t think about a better location to celebrate the new year. 

2. What are your favorite parts about playing in the Big Apple?

NY is a city of many cultures and ethnicities. I think that what makes the city so spacial. You can feel the energies of entire world coming together in one place.

3. What are the top moments you experienced this year (in 2022)?

Our top moments of 2022 were performing on the main stages of Ultra Festival, EDC Festival and Untold Festival.

4. What’s your favorite pizza or bagel spot in NYC?

Uuu, it’s a hard one. Last year I got covid during my US tour and I was in quarantine in NY for 2 weeks. During these 2 weeks, I’ve discovered the NY city Pizza scene and I must say, it’s something else. My fav is definitely Lucali.

5. If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?

Our bucket collaboration list atm isn’t that doable as on the top of the list we have Daft Punk, Bob Marly or Queen. If I have to choose from the more active bands I would love to collaborate with Skrillix or Prodigy.

6. What do you have coming in 2023 that we can look forward to?

Many new things coming next year. We’re celebrating Vini Vici 10 year anniversary. Touring with new spacial show. A lot of new music coming your way with interesting collaborations that we can’t really talk about them atm.

7. What can you tell us about any new records you have in the works?

We don’t want to jinx it but we have so many big plans for new ideas and amazing collaboration. We can definitely say that 2023 is going to be one of our best musical years.

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