Instafest Will Create Your Perfect Festival Lineup

This week a website called Instafest has taken social media by storm. It will sync with your Spotify account and create a festival lineup based on your listening data. In detail, the website links to Spotify, takes your all-time, 6-month, or 1-month listening data and headlines your #1 artist with your other top-listened artist following behind down the lineup list. Below you will see my personal lineup.

The website ask for you to log into Spotify so it can collect your data. Spotify will open for you to login and ask you if you are comfortable sharing that information.

Spotify lineup generator Internet popularity

Lately, this new lineup auto generator idea has become popular amongst programmers. Social media users from all over have been sharing their personal Spotify lineups and expressing their love for what they see. Imagine if someone actually hosted their dream festival?


With all the talk, maybe one of these made-up festivals will happen. Or, already-established music festivals like EDC or Ultra will take these lineups into consideration. Even better, start a voting process for who they add to their lineups.

Are you ready to see yours? I have supplied you the link to the website to check out your own personal Spotify festival lineup. Share it with your friends, make it into a poster for your bedroom, or host your own dream festival with it.

Check yours out here – personal Spotify lineup