[Event Review] SLANDER Delivers Smashing Performance at Brooklyn Mirage

Typically, I wouldn’t want to go out on a Sunday, but when SLANDER is in town, it is a completely different story. The duo sold out the iconic Brooklyn Mirage on a Sunday night and wow was it well deserved.

Earlier this month, we received news that the Mirage received a nice makeover. the new venue boasts an unique 200 foot wall video wall, which has over 30 million pixels to allow for HD quality visuals. The balconies have also expanded tremendously, giving spectators much more space to enjoy the show from a higher viewing point. Additionally, the pillars spread out across the main floor have now been knocked down and removed. Having been a frequent attendee to Mirage shows over the years, these pillars often obstructed the view. Seeing the show this weekend without the pillars was truly an amazing experience.

The Show

Wavedash took the stage at 10pm and delivered a rocking performance. They brought up the tempo and energy levels of the crowd for an epic 1 hour and 15 min set. Everyone was moving and headbanging to all the bangers. When SLANDER came on at 11:30pm, the crowd was ready for the finale. Scott and Derek started off with a haunting ‘Walk on Water’ intro before propelling the night into a frenzy. I have seen SLANDER many times and they never disappoint. Along with playing their headbanging hits such as ‘Gravity’ and ‘Suffer’, the duo really got the crowd in the feels with their heartfelt singles such as ‘Love is Gone’ and ‘Fall Into Me’. The duo has one of the best fanbases out there and its apparent when almost the full venue is singing along to their songs in perfect unison. I can’t wait for the next time they are back and I’m sure everyone else that night feels the same way.

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