Germany’s Kid Vincent Releases Fresh 3-Track EP

It’s fascinating to look at Kid Vincent‘s Spotify profile. Once one clicks on the ‘Singles and EPs’ section, you scroll quite a bit more than expected for an artist who’s first release on the platform is from 2018. Which is also surprising because he has been a part of the music industry since infancy. His father, a former disc jockey, helped Kid Vincent become immersed in the culture and sound at such a young age. Because of this, he’s been able to develop his own sound based on the genres he finds inspiration from. These include Urban, Hip Hop, EDM, or mainstream!

He just released a beauty of a track back in August that caught some attention! It’s a melodic ride full of lush vocals and joyful deep house style drum grooves. And just today, October 8th, we have more from the man that brought these perfect summer vibes. As we enter into Fall, we need something a little different, and Kid understood that and kicked it up a bit! Restart (the Dance) finally has hit all streaming platforms. It includes three tracks, “Owe Me Time“, “All the Little Things“, and “Ghost“.

Each one is fun, energetic, and unique! “Owe Me Time” has a little bass house feel to it with some instrumental appeal. It almost disco and funky as well. “All the Little Things” continues with the same vibe. However, it does then add male vocals with a darker and more intense drop. Lastly, “Ghost” is the most upbeat out of all of them. It also continues the piano-work heard throughout the EP and also the disco-funk vibe. These tracks are easy to dance to and a perfect way to restart (lol).

Take a listen to the EP, Restart (the Dance), below! Tap more into Kid’s world by checking out his Soundcloud page. He has posted not only his own music but also links to things that inspire him. Also, check out the detail in that artwork. Very cool!