Kid Vincent Releases Single ‘Waiting for a Star to Fall’

Waiting for a Star to Fall‘, a new single from Aspiring German DJ, Kid Vincent is out everywhere. A melodic ride full of lush vocals and joyful deep house style drum grooves. Also, this is Kid’s version of the boy-meets-girl 1988 classic. He didn’t hold back on applying his modern musical touch. To honor its feel, this stellar new track released at the peak of the Perseids, a hundred falling stars that came through our universe today. In detail, they crossed our world Thursday night the 12th and followed into the following day. A perfect time for the perfect song.

Kid Vincent, also a tattoo a model

Kid Vincent’s playlist so far sets a new vibe in the music scene and his new single will touch millions. ‘Waiting for a Star to Fall‘ will make its way across the world just like the Perseids did, before. Coming in behind his dad, a disk jockey before, Kid is set up for success. Making his mark in the states, it will not be long before he is traveling the world with set tour dates. We will be watching this talented young man for the future to come.

To jump on board and start listening now, below you can stream ‘Waiting for a Star to Fall‘.