Electronic duo Gorgon City is back and ready for the rest of 2021. The artists have a lot going on. Firstly, their album is coming out on June 25, and on top of that, they recently announced a 25-stop tour. To get us ready for all that, they’ve also just dropped ‘Dreams‘. It’s a layered and captivating track that makes us excited for what’s next.

The track starts out slow, almost as if you’re waking up from a dream, and picks up in speed as it segues into a more dance-like vibe. Dreamy vocals from Jem Cooke envelop a soft trance soundscape. It’s simultaneously calm and energetic, while also managing to capture the true essence of Gorgon City and their incredible artistry. ‘Dreams’ is an exciting introduction of what Gorgon City has planned for June with their new album and beyond.

You can listen to ‘Dreams’ below. For more information about their 25-step tour, click here.