Chicane Releases Everything We Had To Leave Behind Studio Album

Chicane – Everything We Had To Leave Behind

The renowned producer and DJ Chicane launches his 8th studio album Everything We Had To Leave Behind. It is an open letter to listeners to understand their suffering. At the same time, it helps overcome the trauma caused by the effects of the pandemic and past conflicts.

There are many things that have marked us a lot recently. In such a profound way that we have made the depression or anxiety resulting from that grief something every day in our lives. The best advice that I can give in these cases is to learn to let go and be resilient. However, it is a really difficult process. Fortunately, music can help with this set of steps to take to overcome this hurdle.

Chicane covered this issue first with a single and now with a whole album full of deep and ambient songs. It encloses in several tracks the feeling that everyone is going through in these precise moments. Although they have a different twist, showing the positive side of everything that is happening. Everything We Had To Leave Behind has a clear message:

“Don’t mourn the things you had to leave behind. Look ahead and enjoy life instead”.

” Everything We Had To Leave Behind’ is a collection of tracks with more than the usual level of emotive input. Whilst the link with the current crisis is easily made and not necessarily wrong since the album was obviously recorded in these strange circumstances, its message goes way beyond that. It speaks of a reset of our world, of looking ahead toward better days and a future unknown despite the pain of the past. For me, all fourteen tracks on the album radiate positivity. They focus on hope”.

Chicane album

That album has officially been made available for today. Each of the tracks takes us on a calm and emotional journey that is surrounded by an atmosphere of optimism. Complemented by truly meditative work and a feeling of aural comfort through the beatless mix. This record expertly builds on the fundamental message of the album, sharing this trait with every other song, single or Balearic soundscape on Chicane’s fourteen-piece album.

The LP presents a trip in the form of a sound wave. First, an extremely positive trip where we can see how incredible life is (we assume that he composed them before the pandemic). Then some sadder and at the same time disruptive notes disturbed the positive feeling, Chicane reflected there how this historical event affected him. In the end, we hear more cheerful chords and musical compositions, showing everyone what awaits us: the light at the end of the tunnel.

Chicane- Everything We Had To Leave Behind