Pasquale Announces Reddit AMA For EDC Las Vegas

Pasquale Rotella is fulfilling his promise to hold a Reddit AMA for EDC Las Vegas 2021 and all things Insomniac. The company founder shares he will be hosting the Q&A on Tuesday, April 27th at 2 PM PST.

Rotella begins the announcement by acknowledging those who have been affected by the sudden date change for EDC. He addresses the situation and all the mixed reactions received about the news.

“I know many of you are excited that EDC is now in October while some are disappointed it’s not happening in May,” he said. “I care about each & every one of your feelings & experiences, whether good or bad. I want to do this AMA because it’s important to me to always address all your questions & concerns.”

To end the statement, Rotella shares his goal for fans and the influence rave culture has made on him.

“My only goal has been and always will be to bring you the best experiences in the world. I’ve committed my life to it & I’ll never stop. After all these years, I’m still a raver at my core and care deeply about this culture & community.”

Stay tuned for more information on the Reddit AMA for EDC Las Vegas 2021 and all things Insomniac.

Reddit AMA for EDC Las Vegas announcement.
Reddit AMA for EDC date.