Kaskade Delivers An Infectious Groove on ‘Closer’ Via Monstercat

The Grammy-nominated producer Kaskade returns to Monstercat with yet another powerful tune through the release of ‘Closer‘. The track is also featured within Rocket League which ought to give any person playing the track pause.

Besides, ‘Closer’ is an infectious track with a groove that we can’t help but dance to. Moreover, Kaskade will be taking over Rocket League Radio within Fortnite‘s in-vehicle radio station, Radio Yonder, for all to enjoy. With that in mind, Monstercat shows its prowess at connecting video game players to electronic music, ushering in and guiding generations towards the music and genres we all love. Topping off, we can all look toward the artist’s upcoming EP on the label which features this track alongside ‘Flip Reset‘ and and ‘Solid Ground‘ which will be out in March. On the current release, Kaskade spoke:

“Working on ‘Closer’ felt like coming home for me. There’s a lot to be said for the comfort of warm chords, vibey vocals and build ups that bring us all back to our love of bass. I want ‘Closer’ to be equally at home on the dance floor, the living room or in your headphones on repeat.” 

Kaskade – press release
Kaskade - Closer

‘Closer’ is chock-full of bass and grooves which will have you dancing all day long. Moreover, the spacious vocal and driving pads create a hypnotic atmosphere which sets the stage for the song. As Kaskade exclaimed, this track has its place whether you’re on a dancefloor or at home.

Dance non-stop to ‘Closer’ by Kaskade as he delivers yet another remarkable release via Monstercat below! That’s not all, as you can catch it playing within the video game Rocket League as your soundtrack to victory.