Kaskade Teases ‘Flip Reset’ Single For Rocket League

Gamers and Kaskade fans, this is not a drill! While Rocket League gears up for another season, our favorite artist is coming into the mix. The popular soccer game with vehicles has frequently featured dance music from various artists. Their partnership with Monstercat is taking that to the next level it seems.

You can see the reply on Twitter below.

Right now, rumors have the song titled ‘Flip Reset‘. This is a term used in the game for a move. Aptly named, the song seems appropriate for a feature or soundtrack of the game. Perhaps, it could even be used as the menu theme.

Nevertheless, it’s exciting to see one of EDM’s biggest artists making headway in the gaming community. From the teaser video, we see Kaskade flip a record with the logo over a turntable. On one side, it says “Season 1” and the other says “Season 2”. Any ideas as to what this might mean?

Fans on Reddit are excited for the release as well. The cover art is also sick, featuring a Cyberpunk’d out League car surrounded by fog. If that aesthetic isn’t cool, then at least listen to the song. It’s minimalist, sleek, and one of my favorite art styles. Neon lights and a blazing car, how else would you win?

Whether you think Rocket League is a dead game or you’re still powering through it, it’s a fun little game. It doesn’t have quite the rush of cruising down the streets or boardwalks in Grand Theft Auto 5, but the music is dope. Plus, getting sick goals on video is an even better challenge.

If you’re as excited as we are, get your pre-save link here. Otherwise, you can wait until tomorrow, December 1st, for the official release.

Join the Reddit conversation here and get excited Leaguers.