Flux Pavilion Powerfully Cements New Musical Direction Through .wav

We all know Flux Pavilion as an iconic artist that crafted some of our favorite hits, and one who constantly pushed the boundaries of his sound. That sentiment is now being echoed yet again through him going analog on his new album, .wav.

Following a number of singles that set us up for the new direction, and his taking a step away from dubstep, the album is finally out now via Circus Records. Notably, this chapter is kicking off on an incredibly high note, since .wav has a masterful 16-track build.

Flux Pavilion
Photo credit: Fiona Garden

Flux Pavilion – .wav

For starters, the Flux is clearly in his element, weaving through melodic tones. Moreover, the artist showcases his love for analog with how the modular synths and guitar are featured. Topping off, there will be an album launch livestream on February 5 and 6 in partnership with Moment House. Expect to hear live guitar, synth, and singing, so grab your tickets through the link here!

Throughout, Flux takes us on a melodic adventure filled with surprising moments and highlights. During, the songs connect beautifully with one another, yet retain individual elements that make them stand out in their own right. Moreover, the tracklist is stacked with immensely talented collaboration such as Feed Me, What So Not, Nevve, Chime, and a great deal more. Quite frankly, it’s one the most well-rounded albums out there. Cohesive, and built with intention and innovation in mind.

It’s difficult to pin-point tracks which stand out amongst an array meant to formulate an experience. With that in mind, .wav hits the mark with abundance, creating one of the most infectious listens, demanding a full playthrough. Taking all of that in mind, the livestream show is certainly not one to be missed! It’s pivotal to support the artists we care for now more than ever, and this is a powerful way to do so.

Lastly, listen to Flux Pavilion cement his new musical direction through the album .wav via Circus Records below!