Berlin’s Love Parade Will Make Its Return in 2022

Thousands pack the streets of Berlin for Loveparade in 2003. German DJ Dr. Motte wants to bring the iconic event back. (Image credit: Matthias Roeingh)

Most dance music veterans remember the great times when Berlin’s Love Parade would take place within the streets of the beautiful city. For years, the annual music festival would take place, bringing in thousands of people to listen to the sweet sounds of techno music. However, after a stampede that killed 21 people in 2010, the festival came to an unfortunate end.

However, it seems the festival will be making its grand return in 2022. Non-profit organization Rave The Planet is promising that Berlin’s Love Parade will be revived, welcoming home techno ravers from around the world.

In preparation for its return, Rave The Planet has held various fundraising initiatives in the last year to promote the techno festival. Their most profound initiative is the current creation of the street where the parade takes place. Those who donate 5 euros or more will have a raver figure of themselves added onto the model. Overall, the initiative has raised about 400,000 euros.

Originally, there were plans for Berlin’s Love Parade to take place this year on July 10. However, as the timeline for the coronavirus pandemic continues to remain uncertain, organizers postponed the event. Regardless, the new date for the festival is secured, officially taking place on July 9, 2022. Although techno lovers will need to wait another year for the event, the likeliness of it happening is extremely high.

Rave The Planet hopes to bring back the festival to its original roots. They hope to implement the same values while fulfilling purposes for the present time.

View the official statement below.

The official statement for the return of Berlin's Love Parade event in 2022.