REZZ Will Release Remix of Last Grimes and i_o Collaboration on New Years Day

REZZ shared wonderful with the fans recently as her new remix is finally ready for release. The popular artist announced that she had been working on Grimes and i_o‘s track ‘Violence‘.

As soon as the Canada based DJ/producer shared the news with the fans, she revealed the official release date.

The fans of REZZ, Grimes, and i_o will start the year with a new amazing remix. On top of Tomorrowland’s NYE Event, Destructo’s Sunrise Sermon, and Q-Dance’s Event, we will also have the new REZZ remix out on January 1st.

REZZ remix Grimes

Earlier this year, Malaa remixed REZZ’s track ‘Someone Else’, and now REZZ is the one working on a very hyped remix. The Ukrainian talent also found the time to post a preview online on her social media accounts. Wonderful sounds blend in with the original vocals and the moody soundscape created by i_o. REZZ also puts her signature sound in this production, and as always teases us with the drop. Grimes expressed the excitement of this remix with the following reply to REZZ’s tweet.

REZZ is an icon of the scene and has a great relationship with Grimes. On top of that, the 25 years old talent and i_o were good friends. As artists, they shared many shows and festivals. We must remember that during 2020, terrible events took place, one of them was when techno rising star i_o passed away. This remix could be her tribute to i_o’s life of dedication, passion, and a wonderful and intense career.