Ida Engberg Is Back! ‘Return To Consciousness’ EP Debuts After 6 Years

Ida Engberg is out with a new and original EP since 2014 titled Return To Consciousness. This impeccable compilation is out on Truesoul, chock full of her unique techno and house style.

First up is ‘Reverse Time (Intro)’, a ritualistic sounding opening track. Rounding out at two and a half minutes, it’s almost robotic, yet cosmic and spiritual. It’s a great way to set the tone for the rest of the track. Just think of this as an opening number for a live set.

Secondly, ‘Return To Consciousness‘ is the title track and is the definition of sublime cosmic house. The lush percussive pads, swirling arpeggios, and delicate vocal combine for the perfect auditory journey. Release your inner enigmas and truly return to the present with this one. Thirdly, ‘House of Colours’ is a unique, house track that infuses tribal rollers, driven by a chanting vocal line. Unleash your primal instincts here. Bongos have never sounded more sultry, paired with a compelling techno bass line.

The 8th Fire’ possesses a most infectious melodic hook and embodies all old school early morning spirits. Cosmic synths and notes pepper the track throughout and make you listen twice. Lastly, ‘Reverse Time’ sears underground techno into your ears for her best work. This track says late-night energy on a hot and heavy dance floor. After building up much tension, it releases and so can you.

As a vital member of the Drumcode and Truesoul family, this may be her best work yet. Truly career-defining, everything happened in perfect timing. This project took almost a year and the results are immaculate. Her return has been anticipated for quite some time. While she’s been settling into motherhood in Ibiza (with Adam Beyer!), she’s also proactive in saving the world.

Check out her new EP below!

Ida Engberg – Return To Consciousness EP