BREAKING: Techno Rising Star i_o Passes Away

Sad news. For real, can this year just be done already? Today, Garrett Lockhart, better known by his stage name i_o passed away. i_o made a big name for himself by breaking into the scene and redefining what techno meant. His sound was the strongest inside his genre, and he redefined where techno could be played and who would listen to it.


Techno Prodigy

2020 sucks. Seriously. What a fucked up year. There’s no other way to put it. Shows canceled, clubs closed and tours cut right in the middle of the way. However, none of that can even come close to the number of friends, family members, and all-around people we’ve lost. For the EDM community, the blow has been especially hard. We’ve lost more than one great artist, and on top of that, great people. Now, i_o joins the artists, friends, and idols we’ve lost this year. Born on May 17, 1990, Garrett Lockhart was a musical genius. A pioneer. A man ready to take one of the oldest genres inside EDM and bring it into today like no one else could. i_o created his own sound inside techno music, and no one else could’ve done it the way he did it. He brought together the vocals and uplifting elements of trance the pulse pounding beats and rhtymns of techno. He brought techno to the mainstages.

Meteoric Rising Career

It took i_o no time to place himself as a crowd favorite. We chose i_o as one of our breakout artists during 2018, and 2019 was a monster year for him. He made his live debut at the UMF Radio stage at Ultra Music Festival and the rest was history. He made his way to the EDC Circuit Grounds Stage and then played the EDC Orlando mainstage at the tail end of 2019.

And well, 2020 dealt us all a bad hand. This, however, didn’t stop him from making mind-blowing music or delivering amazing sets every time he could. Slowly, Lockhart had returned to playing live shows. Now, he must live on through his music. We love you Garrett and hope you’re in a better place now. His last release, ‘Castles In The Sky’, helps showcase just how good of an artist he was. Even after passing away, i_o’s legacy will forever shine inside our community.

Here at EDMTunes we send our thoughts and prayers to the family, friends and collaborators of i_o

Rest in peace, Garrett Lockhart. Rest in peace, i_o