Ferry Corsten Collabs With Fans On ‘Free’

Ferry Corsten drafted trance fans from around the world to work with him in a collaborative single called ‘Free’. Over 20 artists, called ‘Trance Unity’, contributed to the latest release in his UNITY series.

Ferry Corsten started the UNITY project in 2018, further building the sense of community praised in trance world. At the peak of the pandemic, when millions of people were in lockdown, Ferry had an urge to foster a sense of togetherness with his fan base and find a new way to connect with them through his music. He decided to open up his UNITY platform and offer a chance for his fans to collaborate with him, with all proceeds going to World Health Organization (WHO). After Ferry provided the initial melody in May, fans were asked to submit their own ideas and use their musical creativity to contribute towards the release.

Therefore, the resulting influx of submissions saw Ferry selecting over 20 talented and emerging artists from around the globe to work alongside him on his final release of 2020, ‘Free’.

To date, the UNITY project has paired Ferry with a host of high-profile artists. This includes Paul Oakenfold, Ilan Bluestone, Gabriel & Dresden, and Trance Wax. Although 2020 brought an opportunity to explore something different, something not just for the fans but with the fans.


Ferry Corsten and Trance Unity Free

This collaboration includes an assortment of hugely gifted producers, singers, songwriters, and engineers from countries. These include artists from France, UAE, Italy, Sweden, China, USA, Mexico, Singapore, and Australia.

This project is the very core of what I set about to create with UNITY. To bring musical creators together to create something special and use that unison for something good. Never in my wildest dreams could I have envisaged a year like what 2020 has been, but I’m happy that something so powerful, explorative, and mainly fun came out of this crazy year. Working with all the participants involved in this release has been such a joyful event for me. I’d like to thank them, and all those that submitted parts for consideration, for this release. I love you guys!

Ferry Corsten

Free’ begins fittingly, with different voices repeating the word unity in different languages. The skills of each participant are on show in abundance through the creativity that can be heard throughout each element. Ferry uses his years of studio experience to craft a finished track from its constituent parts. These are simultaneously cohesive, poignant, and reflective of the UNITY message.

To summarize, Ferry continues to break new ground in the trance world and beyond. He demonstrated it with his nomination for ‘Best Trance DJ’ at the 2018 DJ Awards, as well as with standout performances at Tomorrowland, UNTOLD Festival, and Airbeat One. And singles like ‘I Don’t Need You‘ confirm the incredible music legacy that Ferry builds from 1990 to now and more.

You can listen to Ferry Corsten and Trance Unity’s track ‘Free’ below!