Swedish House Mafia’s MSG Show Was 9 Years Ago Today

Swedish House Mafia may not have returned this year but Madison Square Garden 2011 turned nine years old. Remember that iconic performance from that venue? I wasn’t there, unfortunately, but we can all enjoy a remastered version of their set below.

What’s new to the remastering? All tracks have been enhanced to high quality, along with Angello and Axwell’s speeches. After all, rips of live shows can be quite staticky and low quality. But now, we get to enjoy all our favorite songs from our favorite EDM group. The live versions of ‘Miami 2 Ibiza’ and ‘Save The World’ become clearer. ‘Greyhound’ and Alesso’s remix of ‘Good Love’ make an appearance. Plus, all transitions and loops sound exactly like the original. There are even cuts of fans singing in the crowd.

The cut is made by SoundCloud channel Salsana. Thanks for this! It’s well-received by fans already. We would like to take a moment to reminisce about the legendary sports venue and this show. The venue has seen many greats come and play there. This hefty setlist had everyone’s minds blown, hearts melted, and emotions soared. Ravers united at this stage and we celebrate it again this year.

How many of you have been to the show? How did it feel? They performed at Ultra Europe last year and I had the lucky chance to see them. But based on their 2011 set, nothing compares to it. We know that they’ll forever remain iconic, as we cheer and sing loudly whenever their songs play.

While their last performance was more of a rock concert feel, 2011 saw an even better setlist. With too many to count, enjoy the digitally remastered copy below.

REMASTERED Swedish House Mafia @ Madison Square Garden 2011