Ferry Corsten & We Are Loud Present ‘I Don’t Need You’

Flashover Recordings label boss Ferry Corsten joins together with We Are Loud to give us ‘I Don’t Need You‘. The track features eruptive vocals that lead a charge of deep bass grinds and arpeggios.

Fresh from the 700-episode landmark of Corsten’s Countdown to signal the end of the longstanding radio show, Corsten recently shared a fresh new radio concept called Resonation. Corsten’s new track, a melodic techno piece, comes at a perfect time to showcase his heavier side.

Ferry Corsten I don't need you

The song adopts a darker tone, with a growling Reese bass sitting underneath washed-out drones and a skipping lead melody that pushes the track. At the same time, the voice gives a lighter tone to the overall atmosphere. In summary, Ferry, and We Are Loud strike a balance to create a strong club track with pop sensibilities.

This one serves as a preview of what fans can expect from his new radio show. It’s a darker concept, shedding light on the recent musical explorations of Ferry Corsten. Through 2020 the artist has released multiple innovative projects that have taken him out of his comfort zone.

As a result, ‘I Don’t Need You‘ stands to symbolize his strength and confidence as he explores this new space. You can listen to the new track below!