Steve Aoki & Timmy Trumpet shared their music production skills in order to create a new track named ‘Tarantino‘. It is a new edition of the classic guitar riff made famous via Pulp Fiction.

In this track by two veterans of the industry, Aoki and Timmy Trumpet reedit one of the most famous samples in the music industry. A wonderful union of Steve’s electro beats combined with Trumpet’s eccentric horn licks. In addition to that, STARX adds a beautiful dose of hard psy. The combination of sounds lead to an outrageous revamp. This style of music matches Aoki’s Rave Royale concept.

Steve Aoki & Timmy Trumpet

Steve and Timmy’s collab ‘Tarantino’ is the first single from Aoki’s forthcoming 6OKI – Rave Royale EP. The American is working on a new EP with six collaborative songs with music videos. The expected release for this new project is this fall. As always, it will be through his label Dim Mak.

“It started with 3OKI, 4OKI, 5OKI, & now 6OKI. The series is about my club & festival roots – songs that go off live & serve ravers in the front row! Covid-19 halted live shows, but I’m still making tunes with that live energy.”

Steve Aoki

“Working and touring with Steve is always WILD but making this track was something else! We wanted to capture the craziness of life on the road in one track so people can party wherever they are in the world right now.”

Timmy Trumpet

Make sure to check this brilliant mix of sounds by Steve Aoki and Timmy Trumpet in ‘Tarantino’. A wonderful tribute to Pulp Fiction’s most famous sample that you can enjoy below.