In case you’re not already spending too much time on Spotify listening to music, podcasts or even audiobooks, there’s now another reason to stay on the audio-streaming platform! Launched this week, ‘The Get Upmarks the start-up’s first morning show. Promising to “keep you up-to-date with the latest in pop culture, news, entertainment, and music,” The Get Up will be there for you every morning.

The Hosts

The show will be hosted by YouTuber Kat Lazo, journalist Speedy Morman, and Spotify’s own head of Cultural Partnerships and In-House Talent Xavier “X” Jernigan. Each will be bringing their own insights and flair into each episode.

Kat, for example, “[is] not a big fan of taking things at face value,” meaning she’ll be “stirring the pot a lot in [the] discussions. I enjoy pushing the guys’ thoughts on topics. Plus, as a Latina, I bring my community with me. I’m tapped into what’s going on pop culture-wise and news-wise that’s affecting us.” 

Meanwhile, Speedy will be bringing his experience in hosting and interviewing to the show, along with his inquisitive nature and curiosity. “Overall, I’m just really excited to be a part of the team, and to bring this project to the masses.” 

Finally, X will bring his unique background and experience “with the biggest artists in the world at the most iconic record labels. I happen to be an ordained deacon . . . so I have stories for days that I’m bringing to The Get Up!”

Not Your Traditional Radio Show

Unlike radio shows where content is broadcasted live, The Get Up is pre-recorded and made available as a playlist. As such, the selected tunes in the playlist are personalised to the listener. It also means that it is possible to skip portions of programming, may it be the chatter or specific tracks.

New episodes are made available everyday after 7am EDT, and are available to both regular and premium subscribers in the United States. Alternatively, you can also access the show directly here.