No Mana Releases ‘Secret, Secret Level’ EP

The electro-house powerhouse No Mana released an extended play to compliment his debut album, Secret Level. This Ep is called Secret, Secret Level, and comes with four fresh tunes.

There are many talents on the Mau5trap roster with different incredible styles, one of them is No Mana. Dynamic and constant, the artist always leaves good impressions on his audience. He recently left many speechless when he released his stunning remix of ‘As The Rush Comes‘. His original productions are not far behind with his latest releases being ‘Badder Things‘.

Known for incorporating elements of trance, house, and techno in his productions, No Mana’s latest EP goes to the next level. The new project consequently leans more towards its electro side with the combination of energetic elements and various eclectic melodies that make this EP a journey like no other.

No Mana- Secret, Secret Level

No Mana Secret Secret Level EP

An example of next-level, ‘The Same Way’ totally takes us there. The track sounds very similar to his collaboration with Voicans, ‘Only Noise‘.

Another track on the EP is ‘Stolen Lunch‘, a chop-vocal track with hard-hitting beats that will slap many speakers while it energizes our souls. On the other hand,’Floppy Disk Nightmares‘ arrives next and breaks the schemes. It gives that resting point that people need to get a little out of the increasingly chaotic routine due to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

Finally ‘Should’ve Brought My Switch‘ comes with a phrase that many gamers will understand. The track takes us into a more relaxed soundscape that is unprecedented in the musical style of No Mana.

In summary, No Mana continues to impress with each passing release and performance. This ‘Secret, Secret Level’ is not the exception. You can listen to it below.