Soundcloud DJ is a new plan that gives unlimited access to its full catalog with the ability to save tracks locally in select DJ Apps. This service features the largest catalog of any offline plan, at a lower price.

Two years ago, SoundCloud announced at Amsterdam Dance Event 2018 its first DJ integration. Now, the platform Dj plan will have a catalog of open-format hip-hop, electronic hits, remixes, and deep cuts through select applications.

Whether you’re prepping a set on your balcony or performing for friends in the park, you don’t have to worry about your Wi-Fi cutting out or reaching limits on downloaded tracks

Soundcloud DJ works with Virtual DJ at the moment, and support for Denon DJ alongside Cross DJ is coming soon. The price of this application is $19.99.

SoundCloud Dj

More Tools Coming Soon To SoundCloud DJ

SoundCloud DJ is only a part of the mission to build a toolkit for the next music generation. The company also tagged the music library with basic DJ’ing information. These facts are based on music key and tempo to make picking the perfect mix simple.

As DJs are one of the largest and most foundational communities on SoundCloud, we’re dedicated to providing you with the resources and tools you need to create, share and keep leveling up your craft

Many companies proposed their solutions to the issue of having offline access and cataloging, such as Denon adding Beatport Link. Currently, SoundCloud is throwing their own hat in.

Of course, the proposal is tempting and largely incentives many people to use their platform and services, which includes a 30-day free trial.