PRAANA Release ‘Samadhi’ Via Enhanced Music’s Colorize Imprint

PRAANA took to releasing their new track, ‘Samadhi‘, via Enhanced Music’s Colorize label.

This marks their quick return onto the label with a release after partaking in the imprint’s compilation, Colorscapes Volume Two. Within, ‘Samadhi’ was included alongside the intro, ‘Ocean Of Loving Awareness‘, with Ram Dass, and many more tracks featured. Moreover, PRAANA have been very active, making their debut earlier this year on Lane 8‘s This Never Happened imprint, and were guests on Above & Beyond’s ABGT series.

For the title, ‘Samadhi’ means a state of intense meditative consciousness in Hinduism and Buddhism. Notably, the name is apt when taking into consideration the heart of what the track emphasizes in terms of feeling. Throughout, it’s a buoyant and bubbly feel-good production that’s rife with comforting melodic components. In addition, the vocal chants breathe further life into ‘Samadhi’, creating an overall meditative feel to the track.

Finally, immerse yourself in the melodies that PRAANA delivered on ‘Samadhi’ via Enhanced Music’s Colorize imprint below.