GETTER Released The Lead Single, ‘BAD ACID’, From Upcoming EP

GETTER is back! The multi-talented DJ & Producer is here to make your 2020 better in the way he knows best, with a new track. That’s not all, as this marks the lead track for his latest EP. Excited? I certainly am! GETTER’S latest release is titled ‘BAD ACID’.


‘BAD ACID’ once again proves GETTER goes through genres never caring if that’s criticized. The DJ creates for himself and does it well. Drawing fans in preparation for the full EP, the producer is ready to blow your mind and leave their own mark in 2020.

‘BAD ACID’, Lead Single From Napalm.

Yeah, you read that right. GETTER’S new EP will be titled Napalm. Here, we’ll find GETTER where he’s the most comfortable in his element. As he did with his debut album, Visceral, the artist is committed to making music true to himself.

But, let’s talk about GETTER and ‘BAD ACID’. It’s best described as literally EDM, while on an acid trip, in which there’s a whole new world within the sound. This is some of the producer’s finest work. We really don’t know which direction he’s planning to go, but it’s a new one, and we’re in for the ride.

As the anticipation for Napalm begins, you can stream GETTER’s new track ‘BAD ACID’ below!