FEYLN Unveils Debut EP on Emercive Recordings, ‘Fractals’

FEYLN makes his way onto the Canadian imprint, Emercive Recordings, once again through his debut EP on it that is titled Fractals. The artist previously appeared on a compilation by Emercive, Converge Vol. 3, through his track ‘Empathy.’ Notably, FEYLN received praise from deadmau5 during a mau5trap Mondays stream. Within this recent release, the producer explores an emotive side of techno that provides both a melodic and rhythmic essence.

First off, ‘Ethos‘ holds decadent textures in which the driving bass creates a contrast toward melodic arpeggios and plucks. That energy is only built upon by the resonant synths that progressively enter the mix. Following, ‘Reversing‘ intensifies the groove and creates a more moving percussive tone, However, it does not lose the melodic touch which provides a soaring and hypnotic sensation to the EP. Thematically, both tracks work wonderfully together, showcasing insight into what the producer has to offer. On one end, the deep and rumbling textures alongside the percussion formulate a thumping essence, but the silky melodies atop consistently deliver a reflective tone that remains to be memorable.

Listen to FEYLN’s two-track Fractals EP via Emercive Recordings below!