Oliver Heldens Hosts Live Stream Event On Television

Oliver Heldens invites you to join him on an interactive journey through television. Check out his epic, upcoming live stream concept ‘Heldens Everywhere.’ Tune in for an hour-long, action-packed set on October 1st, 9:00 CEST, straight from Cadenza.tv.

Recorded live from an old industrial steel plant, the Amsterdam theater will be blasting a steady flow of dance-worthy beats. Firstly, watch Oliver and a cast of characters romping through evolving set design. Centered around six different nostalgic TV show concepts, the production includes an array of custom-built theater set pieces. Rumors say the physical space will transform around him into each of the six themes throughout this highly-anticipated live DJ set.

Secondly, we are excited about this concept, and we do not know what to truly expect. What we do know is that he will demonstrate his imaginative flair in style. Oliver is an artist in every aspect and facet of the industry. When his creativity expands past the music realm, it’s all eyes on him. Coined as one of the most prolific artists during the pandemic, he is also the curator in this concept.

Thirdly, remember his recent live stream performances at The Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam? Labeled as “Set of the Year”, it raised over $70,000 for the Equal Justice Initiative and Color Of Change. Furthermore, Aston Martin, F1, Heineken, and Red Bull, dubbed him the official F1 season opener. Over half a million people tuned in virtually; now that’s clout.

Get your tickets here and get excited, as you can access the show for $11.99 USD. Pay to play you say? Let’s show him some support! Upgrade your ticket to VIP and it’ll include a limited-edition poster. What’s more, is you could nab one of 200 randomly signed posters. In these difficult times, the creativity of entertainment put forth by our artists is awe-inspiring. So, who’s in?