Xbox Series X or Series S? What We Know So Far

Team Xbox fans, your long-awaited new console is here. On November 12th, the new consoles arrive. The pre-order date for the machines is September 22nd at 11 AM ET/8 AM PT. What’s more, is you get two to choose from: the Series X and the Series S. Which one will you get? Let’s break down the details in this article.

The Xbox Series X

This will cost you $499 and is Microsoft’s new flagship console. Don’t be fooled by its thickness, for it is designed for 4k gaming. With the strongest spec sheet on paper–and of any console–you get the console controller, and HDMI cable. Get your very own from the Microsoft Store, Amazon, Walmart, GameStop, Sam’s Club, Best Buy, and Target.

While a 4k HDR TV would truly enhance your Series X gaming experience to the extreme, it will work fine with any TV, projector or monitor with HDMI. Its storage comes out to 1TB SSD, which could be the highest the console has to offer so far. want Xbox All Access? It is $35/month for two years and you get Game Pass Ultimate. May the world of games be ever in your favor.

The Xbox Series S

Now, this one will cost you around $299, for those looking for the newest but more affordable route. You can purchase these consoles at the same retailers mentioned above for the Series X. Looks like Microsoft is trying to avoid the PS5 fiasco.

If you aren’t looking for 4k gaming but have the Netflix and Chill on lock, then you may consider this machine. It streams Netflix, YouTube, and Disney + in 4k instead. At 1440p, the in-between resolution has 78% more pixels than 1080p. To take full advantage of this console, a 4k TV is recommended but any HDMI ported TV will do.

Its storage maxes out at 512GB SSD so only a couple of games can be supported. Xbox All Access will run you about $25/month, but it includes the Game Pass Ultimate subscription. When Black Friday rolls around, perhaps you can find sweet bundle deals to meet your gaming needs.

Now For The Bad News…Sort Of

Storage used to be plug and play with the USB hard drive, but this time it’s not. However, there is an added storage upgrade slot on the backs of both consoles. Currently, we do not know the price of these storage upgrade cards, so be prepared for anything. Recent rumors suggested they come around $200. Both consoles do support external drives for last generation games. So, you can store titles on there but if you stream all day and play all night, your collection may need some slower storage bits.

Xbox Live Gold members will have their memberships carried over to the new console. For those without it, you can purchase for $59.99 annually. The latest wireless controller has improvements on its redesigned D-pad. Improved Bluetooth and reduced input latency could make for a better gaming experience. It retails at $60, with three colors to choose from (blue, white, black). Don’t worry, Xbox one controllers will work just fine with new consoles. Get the rechargeable AA battery packs for extended gaming if you truly desire.

And that’s all for now folks! Stay tuned for more information released as the pre-order date gets closer.