Jason Ross Returns To Anjunabeats on ‘The Accord’

During the weekend, Jason Ross made his return onto one of the labels that housed much of his music, Above & Beyond’s Anjunabeats. They welcomed Ross’ newest track which is titled ‘The Accord’, and it will blow your mind.

In addition, ‘The Accord’ is the artist’s contribution to the Anjunabeats Volume 15. As one of the label’s veterans, expectations were high, and he did deliver big time. The track marks Jason’s second release on Anjunabeats this year, following ‘For Love’.

Jason Ross latest track 'The Accord' is here!

‘The Accord’

With his latest release, Ross delivers a starkly uplifting track that completely allows the sounds and composition to take control of your senses. I’m pleased to confirm that the impact of the melody in his tracks is as large as ever. In tandem, showcasing the sheer power of stripping away vocals to let the music deliver his message.

Once again, the producer presents his versatility while jumping between Ophelia and Anjunabeats as if it was nothing. He handles different genres and mixes, mashing them to obtain results that place him on top of the uplifting and melodic side of bass music and trance. After having huge success with his 1000 Faces album, the DJ continues delivering track after track, and never disappointing.

Listen to Jason Ross showcase his melodic talents on ‘The Accord’ via Anjunabeats below!