Cercle Announces Ben Böhmer Set From Air Balloon in Turkey

Cercle keeps bringing new sets from wonderful places. This time, the company will offer a Sunrise Set from Cappadocia, Turkey. The man in charge to build the soundtrack of this brand new Cercle set is Ben Böhmer.

After already improving our week with the Disclosure set of 08/16, Cercle is back to bring us more good vibes. Deep and progressive legend Ben Böhmer will delight the fans with an amazing set from a hot air balloon. The Berlin-based DJ will offer fresh tracks from the Turkish skies. Some of the tracks will definitely include tracks from his forthcoming EP Motherboard.

Ben Böhmer will play a few exclusive tracks, including the song ‘Cappadocia’. The producer made this track, especially for the occasion. Moreover, it will be released in a few weeks on the brand new label: Cercle Records. ‘Zeit and Raum‘ is also a recent release that will probably sound from the hot air balloon around Turkey.

Cercle and Ben Böhmer Visit Cappadocia, Turkey

This spectacular event will take place on August 31st. Moreover, the selected venue for the set is stunning as always. The spectacular show will be aboard a hot air balloon. In order to avoid difficult weather situations and to have as little wind as possible, this live will take place at sunrise.

If the technical and meteorological conditions are met, this show without an audience will see the light on Cercle’s page. The scheduled time for the show is next Monday at 5 a.m. UTC + 2 (Paris time).

The route includes a flight over Cappadocia in Turkey, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site with @goturkey support. Broadcasting a live performance from a hot air balloon is a technical challenge that Mysteryland also developed for the digital edition of its festival. Although it is a difficult and complex situation, Cercle is very capable of pulling off this one.