Kasbo Showcases More off his Album on ‘Show You’

Kasbo makes a quick return with another track off his forthcoming album, The Making of a Paracosm, on ‘Show You‘. This follows up ‘Play Pretend’ featuring Ourchives, released via Foreign Family Collective and Counter Records. In addition, it’s worth noting that you can expect the album to be out on October 23. Alongside putting out the song, the artist spoke on how it was created, and what aspects resonate with him.

“When I made ‘Show You’ I wanted to make a song by building a hook out of a long vocal sample by cutting bits and pieces together and creating something different. After writing the piano progression, the song came together as this beautiful soft-spoken love song which I really resonated with, it was careful. I like the idea of repetition in music, especially in lyrics. Even though lyrics might say the same thing, they have different intonations or meanings depending on the music that happens beneath, which creates these lovely nuances in something as simple as a phrase repeating over and over again.”

Kasbo – Press Release

Show You

The track wonderfully exhibits Kasbo’s knack for starry-eyed and polished productions which bubble a euphoric sensation. Kicking off, it sets the tone through its warm piano chords and lush pads. Atop lies the vocal chops that continue to set the mood. Moreover, they bring the concept home through repetition that creates emphasis. Progressing, the guitar adds a melodic layer to the track while building into the wide chorus. Within, Kasbo highlights his way of chopping vocals which many have come to know him for.

Listen to Kasbo’s ‘Show You’ via Foreign Family and Counter Records below!