BRONSON Dive Into Their Album on COMMENTARY

Following the release of their collaborative project’s self-titled album, BRONSON, ODESZA and Golden Features are taking us behind the scenes with COMMENTARY.

Within, BRONSON immerse us in their world which they candidly speak about. This includes the experiences and studio moments that thematically caused the album to develop into what it is. In addition, it features interviews with collaborators on the album, Gallant, lau.ra (of Ultraísta), and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs.

“COMMENTARY is just that – an elucidation on our debut album as BRONSON. We wanted to give some insight into how and why the project came to be. It’s a look behind the curtain from us, as well as from our guest collaborators lau.ra, Gallant and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. We hope listeners enjoy this deeper dive into our album.”

BRONSON – Press Release

Throughout COMMENTARY, the stages and atmospheres are vividly set to give some context behind tracks. At each point, BRONSON continues to show how the entire project took them out of their comfort zones. In addition, just how much sense it made to move all the amount of work into an entirely new project. Topping off, one of the best parts of COMMENTARY was hearing how homogenously the collaborations came together, allowing all the involved artists to be on the same page in creating a coherent experience and vision.

Let BRONSON take you behind the scenes of creating their self-titled album through COMMENTARY below.