BRONSON Finally Unveiled Their Formidable Self-Titled Album

After releasing a few tracks off their collaborative project, BRONSON, ODESZA and Golden Features finally deliver their highly anticipated self-titled album. The ten-track body of work is out now via ODESZA’s imprint, Foreign Family Collective, and Ninja Tune. Within, the artists set themselves free in order to explore new soundscapes away from what typically defines their projects. In some sense, there are touches of their very distinct sounds from individual projects, but BRONSON remains a separate entity. This is due to the level of sonic exploration that allowed them to break through boundaries and develop something new. Furthermore, the self-titled album embraces the guest features from lau.ra, Gallant, and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs.

BRONSON: about the record

“This record isn’t like anything any of us have done before; it’s a creative departure from the worlds of ODESZA and Golden Features – but that’s the beauty of it and the fundamental intention of the project. We initially began making music with one another with no goal in mind, we were just bouncing ideas back and forth (halfway across the world) and experimenting with new sounds. What ensued was the start of something we felt so pulled and drawn to explore further, so much so that the creation of the full-length album essentially took on a life of its own. BRONSON was born out of a need, almost subconsciously, to push our creative boundaries and build something bold and free of any expectations; it was a really cathartic process.”

BRONSON – Press release


First off, ‘FOUNDATION‘ kicks off the album with decadent and smooth production. That’s until the heavy crunched up kick and distorted bass take things sideways as a rich vocal hum creates a ghostly sensation. Undoubtedly, it’s an awe-inspiring opener which introduces some of the sounds and themes to come, while simultaneously connecting directly into the second track which features lau.ra, ‘HEART ATTACK.’ Moreover, ‘BLINE‘ packs a groove that plays on vocal chops, a silky melody, and lively percussion. Following, ‘KNOW ME‘ presents itself as a gem within the tracks on the album. Gallant’s weary and airy vocal delivery combines starkly with the affectional production to deliver a track teetering between the edges of catharsis and pensiveness. Wrapping up the track, it drives into ‘VAULTS,’ and the transition accentuates the song’s instrumental purpose within the record.

From that point, ‘TENSE‘ changes the tone of BRONSON’s album, and delivers on its title. The dark and distorted industrial sound strikes hard but ends on a cathartic, celestial tone. This gives way for the lush track, ‘CALL OUT‘ hosting the vocals of Harrison from ODESZA and Tom (Golden Features). In continuation, ‘CONTACT‘ puts the production back into overdrive with wailing synth leads and a belting rhythm. Concluding, BRONSON wrap up the album with the previously released ‘KEEP MOVING,’ and ‘DAWN‘ featuring Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs.

Final notes

Overall, BRONSON’s self-titled album truly hammers in the story which envelopes this project. It moves through moments of light and dark, with swings between determination, reflection, catharsis, and crisis. It’s certainly a theme that people can connect, as a cycle which presents itself in life consistently. With their efforts, ODESZA and Golden Features delicately navigate those themes in a way that emanates inspiration.

Listen to ODESZA and Golden Features stun on the self-titled album of their collaborative project, BRONSON, below!