Green Velvet And Eli Brown Remind Us Of Being ‘Unapologetic Ravers’

Green Velvet and Eli Brown invigorate us with a tech-house time capsule titled ‘Unapologetic Raver‘. That’s right, the two stalwarts are taking us back, way back into time.

Listen to Green Velvet narrate as he talks about the good ol’ times. Grab your Kandi bracelets and hula hoops, then dive into the peace, love unity, and respect. His signature sermon-style monologue accompanies the tech-house bass line. He plunges us into his underground territory of rave culture, then and now. The unrelenting beat and staccato break fuel your auditory stimulation. Some favorite lines include: “When we knew about our issues, and weren’t soft as tissues”, and most importantly, “When Corona was a beer, and not a virus”. We do wish we could go back to those times again. This track may help get us there.

In its entirety, the song captures current times perfectly. It is streaming on all platforms so that everyone can listen and reflect. Dance music and its culture have changed so much in the past decades. Listening to the words may give you a laugh, an a-ha moment, or just good reflection. Can you remember the first time you got into EDM and what moment solidified that for you? How about the artist that got you into it?

Before you needed to wear a mask and before you needed to stay six-feet apart, you could dance if you wanted to. You could even leave your friends behind, and just take off. Now, will we see this track played live if events pick back up again? Not sure, but it would be funny to look back on and listen to.

We surely do miss the sounds of live music. But for now, you can listen to their track below. Enjoy and spread the word!

Green Velvet, Eli Brown – Unapologetic River